Three more days!!

Only two and a half days stand between me and marrying the love of my life. It's been incredibly busy the last few days. When writing up the list of things for Albert to do on Monday night, I realized that there was no way he could get everything done. I played hookie from work yesterday and we ran a bunch of errands and cleaned his apartment so it would be acceptable for when his parents come today.

He switched to the smaller room since he's going to be living with me and doesn't really need the master bedroom anymore. The room he was moving into hadn't really been cleaned in a couple years and all of his towels and sheets needed to be washed. Thanks to my employment off and on at a hotel for a couple years, it now looks livable.

We were going to pick up some flowers from the grocery store or a farmer's market for our centerpieces, but I found that the quality varies too much to be any sort of reliable, plus looking at our schedule I couldn't find a place to squeeze in buying flowers. So we ended up asking our florist to add in 14 more ranunculuses to our order that Albert will pick-up on Saturday morning. We'll have 3 tables with pink and 4 tables with white flowers. We have a friend who used to work at a plant place so she's going to take our flowers and put them in the vases. I'm excited/nervous to see how everything will turn out.

Tonight we have the "Welcome Dinner." We're going to have our family come over for some egg rolls we made by hand, dijon talapia, and Filipino ice cream. It should be tasty. I'm mostly nervous about having Albert's family in town. I figure that since my family is going to be here too it will take the pressure off and I'll be able to feel of their love and support.

Last night I got a fabulous wedding present. I am blessed to have a good friend who is also a massage therapist and she gave Albert and I 30 min. massages last night as our wedding gift. It was so nice to relax for a bit. Afterward I wanted to cry and release all of the stress and anxiety that's been building up for the past 5 months...I didn't, but I still feel the urge.

I can't wait til Saturday! It will be so wonderful to start our new life together knowing that we will always have each other to help us through.


NWLover said…
The last week is always so hectic...but it sounds like you're handling it well! Enjoy your day on Saturday!! Can't wait to see pics! :)

--Amanda :)
Dani said…
sooo exciting!!! Best wishes ~ I can't wait to see all the great pics of your BIG day.

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