The Temple

On Saturday morning Albert went with his brother and brother-in-law to pick up our flowers clear out in Reston, which is out by Dulles Airport. It of course took longer than expected and Albert's brother ended up buying more flowers for the centerpieces because the ranunculuses they got originally weren't very full. When he was off doing that I was getting my hair done by my old roommate. She did a great job and it was fun having someone else worry about it for a change.

We were supposed to leave at 9 AM so we could get to the temple by 10. At 9:15 I called Albert wondering where he was. He had just pulled up from the flower shop and was rushing to get his tux on. We ended up leaving around 9:30, but miraculously we were only 5 min late. Our friend Jeff drove us and my mom came a long to help me get ready. It was in the car that I noticed Albert hadn't shaved. He called his brother who was going to be meeting us there after we were done and asked him to bring a razor, but he didn't actually shave until after the ceremony.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. I had never seen a live temple sealing so I wasn't sure what to expect. My grandparents, my parents, and our friend Jeff were there so it was a small group. Albert's family, my siblings, and dad were all at the visitor's center waiting for us.

A member of the temple presidency sealed us. He said some nice things, none of which I can remember, before the actual ceremony. While the sealer was talking to us my stomache kept growling really loudly. I guess I should have had more than just that yogurt, but I was so excited I didn't really feel like making myself anything. During the actual ceremony part I started to get teary eyed, but was able to pull it together before things got messy.

Jeff was supposed to go outside to get the razor from Albert's brother immediately after the ceremony, but was taking a super long time. We went out to the foyer to find out what was going on and then we found out that he had slipped in passed us. I waited in the foyer for Albert to get shaved and then we came out together. (All the pictures were taken by Katharine LeCheminant and her sister Emily Hayse, we're VERY happy the way the pictures turned out and they were really easy to work with)

We took family pictures...lots of family pics. They all turned out lovely, but there are so many I won't post all of them here. It was really hard to get my family especially to cooperate. The photographer would say "bride's family" and no one would move. Here's our big group picture. Luckily it was a beautiful day. It rained all day Friday and on Sunday, but it was nice all day on Saturday.

We took pictures with just Albert's niece and nephews...they're too cute :D

Here are some of my favorite pics of just Albert and me (I obviously like black and white pics):

Me helping him with his bout.

Just me.

Looking off into the future :D

By the beautiful gold doors

Albert asked me if I had worn my garter...oops! (I still don't know where it is) I forgot it so he called his brother, his best man, to pick one up. We ended up finding one on the way to the church at the "Pleasure Palace" in Georgetown while our driver, Jeff, picked up some cake at a nearby restaurant.

Right as we were going to take pictures in front of the temple another wedding group came out and started taking pictures. You can see them in the bottom right.

Here's a nice one of just Albert. What a nice looking groom! What can I say, I have good taste.


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