Pre wedding fun

We're back from our big trip and now I'm stuck in my cubicle once again, which is a big downer from all the excitement during the past couple weeks.

Everything went much better than expected. Our families really stepped up and helped out in setting everything up for the reception. My two dads worked well together putting up the plastic sheets across the ceiling. It was good that I was an uber planner because it was like hearding cats trying to get everyone in the same spot at the same time. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I hadn't been as organized. Plus it was really nice with set up because I just told everyone what I wanted and they immediately went forth putting together my vision.

Our families got along really well and worked nicely together. You never know how things are going to go, but everyone was on their best behavior, which really made our lives easier and the whole experience pleasant. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since Albert and I get a long so well, why wouldn't our families.

On Friday morning Albert and I went back and did some final touch ups before the rehearsal lunch at the Japanese Steakhouse. The lunch was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that we ended up doing it there. It was the place of Albert's and my first date so it also had that sentimental value. Plus it was a lot of fun watching them cook the food there in front of us.

Friday night was my graduation from my master's program and my parents, grandparents, dad, Albert, and Albert's parent's all came to support me. It was fun getting all dressed up in my gown and even though they tell you not to cheer until the end of the presentation of the graduates my new Filipino family was pretty loud :D I knew it wouldn't have been my parents cheering that loud. They were all very sweet and I came home to an apartment full of flowers and balloons from Albert's siblings. Luckily we were able to incorporate some of the flowers into the wedding reception (my friend in charge of the flowers used to work at a plant company and is a pro at arranging them).

Unfortunately Friday night Albert's parents' car was towed and Albert was out until the early morning getting it. What a way to spend the night before your wedding! He's such a trooper.


Carrie said…
his parent's car was towed?? Where had they parked illegally? That's horrible...and yet hysterically funny for it to happen on your pre-wedding night. It's one of those crazy problems that always happens and no one can prevent.

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