On the verge of Bridezilla

The last few days have been uber busy and stressful, but I think it's beginning to calm down down as we start preparing to land this big wedding plane of ours.

The first stressful event was trying to get our interviews with the local leaders of out church. Last week I spent a lot of time communicating with their schedulers in order to get interviews with them so we can get married in the temple. Because of Albert's crazy work schedule and the leaders being on travel for work it became really complicated to schedule. We HAD to have the interviews on Sunday so Albert could go to the temple today and do some stuff he has to get done before we can get married. On Saturday night I still didn't know when we were going to meet with one of the two people and that meeting determined the time we had to have the other one. I called his secretary in a panic and we finally got everything figured out as we drove to our friend Rebecca's birthday dinner in Dupont (don't worry Albert was driving and I was talking). We met with one guy at 9 AM and another guy at 10 AM and we were actually on time for both.

The second thing was that on Friday Albert called our photographer and found out that he had decided to take a little vay-kay on our wedding day and wasn't going to be able to make it. I was freaking out, but Albert, being too nice I think, said that it was fine. So now I have to find someone else to photograph our wedding and I've been emailing everyone I know trying to find a decent price for a photographer in less than two weeks. I knew that something might go wrong but this is too major for me and of course this had to happen right in the middle of finals.

I finally found someone to take pictures at the temple. She will take all the posed pictures of our family and shots of us around the temple grounds. She wanted to take the pictures right after the wedding all at once, which makes sense, but I had planned to have the pictures of just Albert and I taken before the ceremony so our family wouldn't get bored waiting for us and there wasn't enough time to take them afterwards because we have to high tail it down to the church for our ring ceremony. So yesterday I called the temple and luckily they were able to move up our wedding time an hour so we'll be getting married at 11 AM and we will have enough time to take both the family and couple shots before the ring ceremony at 3 PM.

Maybe we can have a spirit photographer.

I think this photographer will actually do a better job because she's shot weddings before and she was actually married at the DC Temple so she knows all the good places to take pictures. Now I just need to find someone to take pictures at the ring ceremony and reception and I think I have a couple of prospects that I emailed last night. At least we'll have some nice pictures of us and our family, that was the thing I was most afraid of.

I handed in my final for my last class of my graduate degree at around 5 PM yesterday. It's such a relief! This test seemed a lot harder than the mid-term and I couldn't find the answer for all of them so I just had to put in my best guess. He's usually pretty generous with the partial credit and I did well on the last test so I figure I'll at least get a B in the class and really I just need to pass.

In other news Albert and I went shopping for reception stuff on Saturday and found some little square vases (technically they are candle holders, but really it's all the same) that will work perfectly for our centerpieces. They were just as I wanted. I had seen various examples on-line and I am so far pleased with the results. I bought some flowers to see how long they would last and how they would look in our vases and I loved the ranunculus I bought last Thursday at the farmer's market. Our plan is to have two per table sitting on either side of the lanterns we bought at IKEA a while back. They don't allow open flames at the church so we bought those fake votive candles which work ok. They are going to sit on turquoise table coverings with a silver ribbon running down the middle right under the vases and lanterns.

We're also putting ribbon on the vases. I was messing around with it yesterday and I think I found a cute way to put the ribbon on. Hopefully I'll get them together by Friday ( have to buy some of those pearl push pins first) and I'll post a picture. Now I just have to worry about finding flowers to put in them. I'm going to ask the lady at the farmer's market if I could get 14 ranunculus from her because I loved how this one opened up so nice by Saturday. Otherwise I guess I'll just go to the grocery store.

We've been working a lot on our apartment so I thought I'd take a few pictures of our progress to show you what it looks like. No one has been over to see it and appreciate its great beauty besides us. We bought some wall hangings for the dining room/kitchen area on Saturday too that Albert's going to be putting up today.

Dining room before

Dining room now

Kitchen now

Living room

Bedroom before

I don't have any new pictures of the bedroom b/c it's always messy and there isn't anything hanging on the walls or anything. I'll have to get back to you on that one. The bed is right where Albert is laying though, if that helps :D

Things will hopefully all come together soon! Nine more days!


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