Rings, dresses, invitations

Last night I decided to take some pics of Albert's wedding band with my engagement ring. Here are a couple of those pics so you can see what it looks like:

Before we took our second set of engagement pics we went across the street to the park to practice our modeling. I think we actually look a lot better in these photos because it was just us and tripod and no pressure. Albert finally mastered his non-fake looking smile, but it didn't carry over to the pics we took that Friday.
Here I am by the tree...

See how natural his smile is here? He just needs to relax!

What a goof!

Finally a nice one of the two of us

Here's some pics I took of my dress before it was sent to be altered. I have my first fitting a week from today! I can't believe how close it is!

The front

The back, see the train

The front up close (you can see all the pretty bead work)

Here's the ruffle on the front

And finally our invitations! The picture's a little dark, but you get the idea.

It came with this photo

We've gotten some compliments on the picture, which is really exciting. Albert did all the editing and messing around with the color, which included so many trips to the Wal-Mart photo lab that the people know his name. I swear it was like Cheers when I went in there with him and they didn't say anything, just went to the drawer and pulled out the pics. There was one older Filipina lady that works there and she was really excited to get to speak Tagalog with someone.

We picked out the music we want for our ring ceremony, but our musicians have not responded either way to whether or not that would be ok. No we're trying to pick out a first song...yikes!


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