La vida loca

It's been a really busy week! Saturday went fabulously! Albert and I had a great time at the White House Garden tour and we took lots of nice pics. Here are some of the ones I took. Albert has all the ones of us together. Afterwards we went our favorite pizzeria in DC, 2 Amy's which was fun.

I had a blast at my bachelorette party. We went to Sky Dome in Crystal City which was the perfect spot. I wore the veil and t-shirt Sara gave me so I felt pretty awkward walking around like that, but I had a few people congratulate me and it only happens once so you might as well do it right! We danced a lot and I kept getting confused as to where our table was because the seats move ever slow slightly around the room so everyone gets a great view of the city at some point. A lot of the people there were married people so we didn't have to worry about some nasty dude coming up to us and I didn't feel at all inhibited to shake my booty to my heart's desire. It was also really nice to be treated so special. It was like my birthday or something :) After we partied there Sara, Danielle, Kellee, and I went to Georgetown and danced for a little bit there. All-in-all it was a great time. Until Sara gets me the pics here is a picture from on-line of what it looks like inside the Skydome at night...pretty fancy!
On Monday night we started moving and we haven't stopped since. My roommate and her friend helped us out a lot on Monday moving out my belongings and on Tuesday I took the day off and Albert and I packed and dismantled the bed in the morning and picked up the missionaries in the afternoon for a little service project. They helped us move the bed and almost all of my stuff over to the new apt.

Tuesday night I had to go to class and pick up my test. I was a little worried on how I did on my test since I had missed a couple days and I am consistently late to class, Tuesday being no exception to this I was about 45 min late. I was really excited to see that I got 100% on my test! I really wanted to brag about this to the girl I usually sit by who always gives me a hard time about being late. I figured I didn't really need to be in class so I called up Albert and we went for a quick trip to Target to pick up a shower curtain and a few other necessities before they closed.

Yesterday was my first adventure riding the bus to work. I was really disoriented waking up in another apt, it felt like I had stayed over at someone else's still feels this way actually. I didn't know which side of the street I needed to be on to catch the bus, but luckily after a few moments of standing awkwardly a woman arrived at the stop across the street. She looked businessy so I figured it was a safe bet that she was on her way to the Pentagon like me. The nice thing about bus riders is that they are much more approachable than metro riders. I think because riding buses is so much more complicated and there is very little guidance from the company (there's no one to ask questions to at the bus stop) they are more forgiving if you bug them with menial questions, like what side of the road should I stand on. Getting to work was really easy and it takes me less than 10 min more than my previous commute.
Getting home was another story. When I got off at the Pentagon metro station there was a huge line of people waiting for the 7 bus, luckily the woman standing behind me said that the line isn't usually that long. According to the map I printed out 7 buses A, C, E, and F stop in Shirlington so when the C bus arrived I jumped on. We did get to Shirlington and it stopped by the movie theatre there, but instead of going by my apt building it kept going further away. I had figured that all buses that went to Shirlington made the same stops but as the bus went further away I realized that it wasn't going by my house. I asked to get off and walked back to my apt building.
Luckily I had noticed a "free mulch" sign on the corner a few times when driving with Albert so I remembered where to turn. It was actually a really nice day so the walk itself was really quite pleasant. Of course I was walking on the bike/jogging path in a suit and stuck out slightly and my feet were killing me in my small shoes, but I was able to walk by some of the shops and see what was in my new neighborhood. I walked by this very library on my way home :)
When Albert got home we ran to the Commissary which closes at 7:30 and picked up over $100 in groceries...YIKES! It's amazing how much stuff you need when you're starting out. We didn't have any paper towels (now we have 6 mo worth) or toilet paper or ketchup (Albert really enjoys ketchup on just about everything so we got a decent sized bottle).

We went back to my old place and took a lot of my clothes and some other stuff, but I still have some clothes and all my jackets there. Slowly we've been putting our things away, ok mostly my things, but pretty,much all the furniture was bought by Albert. He's been a great trooper through all of this and I'm really excited to live so close to him. Now it's not like he's living a duel life so much, one in Shirlington and one in Pentagon City.
Tonight we're going to moving more furniture from Albert's and arranging. Hopefully by the end of the weekend things will start to look livable. I'm really excited about having a place of our own.


Dani said…
How exciting!!! Hopefully it will start to feel "real" soon enough.
NWLover said…
How fun for you guys!! A place as husband and wife is so awesome...enjoy every minute of marriage!!

And...commissary runs are typically that pricey - it's a great place to stock up on dry goods like paper towels. I make Shawn stop there on this way home for dry goods every few months. Enjoy being a military spouse...despite some of the obvious draw backs, it really is great!

--Amanda :)

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