Wedding attire and cake flavors

I just realized that I never posted a pic of the wedding dress I'm going to wear. I'm borrowing it from a really nice girl who got married last year. When I saw her pics on Facebook I asked her where she got it and she offered to let me use it! I couldn't pass that up! I like the 3/4 length sleeves and all the detailing (beading) on it. I think it looks way more cute in real life, this photo just doesn't do it justice, plus you can't see the pretty train in the back. There's also a veil, which isn't very interesting, just a piece of tool hooked to a comb and goes down to about my waist and I'm going to wear pearls with pearl earrings, even though it's supposedly bad luck in Filipino culture.

Since my colors are turquoise and silver I wanted to get a turquoise sash, but couldn't find one that matched the exact color of turquoise that I wanted (I'd recommend choosing a really common color people can easily find, not turquoise, it's been more trouble than it's worth!). While browsing pictures on the Knot I found this picture of a beautiful turquoise sash with the link to wear the bride found it. It's actually really nice ribbon and it costs quite a bit too...about $50 for a spool of it. Of course I can make 5 sashes out of it (I've been trying to talk everyone into wearing one so I feel like I got my money's worth. Isn't it fine?

My old roommate is going to be doing my hair and make-up. We weren't that close so it's not like I'm getting it for free, but since she does it out of her apt it's a lot cheaper than a regular professional. I have some ideas of what I'm looking for. Definitely an updo, my hair would be a mess if I tried to curl it and leave it down -- this didn't even work for my prom in Wyoming. Here are some pics I found that I like, my favorite at the top. What do you think?

I also forgot to mention that we'll be having our cake tasting this Friday. We were supposed to do it on Sunday (the day of her open house), but she couldn't make our flavors by that day for some reason so we're going to pick up the samples and eat them at home. Hopefully we like them all since we can choose 4 flavors for the cake and we're only getting 3 samples which are: chocolate rasberry, orange rasberry swirl, and red velvet with cannoli, french creme, and mango fillings. I'm hoping they're as tasty as they sound :)


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