Moving and other exciting details

This week we've been trying to get the new apartment together and slowly transfer the rest of my belongings from my old apartment. Since the new girl is moving in this weekend I had a deadline, which in this case was very useful. Last night we were able to move all the rest of my can goods and coats plus I managed to clean the bathroom for the poor girl. It's so nice not to have to worry about that anymore! I even managed to put some of my stuff away. Albert is very grateful I'm sure. He thought it quite ironic that I was bugging him about putting his tool set away while boxes of books and other misc. items of mine scattered the room. Tonight we're going to do some more organizing and hopefully this weekend I'll be ambitious and make the place somewhat presentable. The problem with having boxes of stuff strewn throughout the house is since it's already junky looking I feel liberated to leave other things laying around unnecessarily.

Last weekend we were eating in the living room (we haven't brought the kitchen table in from Albert's living room yet) and we kept hearing a little pattering noise coming from the kitchen. I stood up to investigate and found a mouse on top of a sheet of tin foil on the stove. We tried half heartedly to catch it (what are we going to do with it if we succeed?), but it scurried into the stove. The next day the maintenance guy came and put down a bunch of traps and Albert added some pine nuts as bait. When we came home from a tasty meal at Guapos we found that the mouse had taken the bait and was stuck in the trap. Albert, being the man in the relationship, took it upon himself to dispose of the cute little mouse. We really hated to kill it and honestly I would have no beef with the little critter had he decided not to become my flatmate. Now we have about 70 mousetraps all over our small kitchen and dining room area. They keep bringing more, but I'm pretty sure the one mouse we had is now gone. This isn't the actual mouse, but it looks a lot like it.

Friday was my 2nd fitting for my dress and it's coming along swimmingly. She fixed the length and the sleeves and it fits so much better. Next Friday is my final fitting. I can't believe it's all coming together so quickly.

I think we finally picked out our first dance song. This, like everything else, has been something that at first seemed easy and later became something very difficult. Finding something you can dance to, has nice lyrics, isn't too cheesy/common, and ideally has some meaning to you is very difficult if you don't have a particular song you're already in love with. We are leaning heavily toward Aqualung's "Brighter than Sunshine." It used to be common, but isn't too much anymore and it's a beautiful song. Plus we actually saw Aqualung perform it live so it has somewhat of a special meaning to us. (This was at the same concert Sara Barielles performed at months ago before she was popular and we bought her cd).

We now just have to pick out the parent/child dance (we're combining the father/daughter and mother/son dances so people don't get bored, we're not that great of dancers) and all the other songs for the cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, and last dance. We have some ideas, but nothing for sure yet.

We're going to have a reception line for the first hour right after the ring ceremony so we can greet people while the munch. During that time we'll have standards playing and then we'll have the first dance/parent dance and maybe a couples' dance. From there we throw out all the classy stuff and get down with some hip hop for about an hour. Then we'll have the cake cutting and all the tossing and the last dance which I would like to be "At Last" by Ella Fitzgerald, but I haven't cleared that with Albert yet. If you have any ideas on some good dance songs let them be known. It is very important that people feel inclined to dance other wise I'll be out there all by myself.

Saturday is my bridal shower! Very exciting. It should be fun, these things are much more fun when they are thrown in your honor, that's what I think anyway, I've never actually had a bridal shower before.


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