Cake flavors finally decided!

We were a little late picking up our cake but we finally decided on the flavors! I really liked the cannoli filling, it was just like cannoli. Albert liked the mango filling but our baker said it's pretty much only good with white cake and neither of us really liked it. The red velvet cake wasn't spectacular but the orange raspberry swirl was.

1st/top layer: chocolate, cannoli filling
2nd layer: orange, chocolate creme filling
3rd layer: strawberry swirl, lemon chiffon filling
4th/Bottom layer: orange raspberry swirl, raspberry filling

We decided not to have the Filipino coin ceremony in our ring ceremony so we're going to have Albert's mom read a love poem in Tagalog. My good friend Jackie is going to say a prayer and my cousin Jake is going to read a quote from the Proclamation to the Family. The rest of our wedding planning has taken a back burner to the move.


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