A beautiful day in the neighborhood

I'm really excited that it's Thursday. I love Thursdays! They aren't as good as Fridays or Saturdays, but a close 3rd. I really like Thursdays because I can almost taste the weekend, I don't have class or anything, and it's a great night to sit back and watch TV. One of my favorite shows is Grey's and it's starting up today after the unfortunate writer's strike that cut into my season. I love having something to look forward to and watching Greys hits the spot. I also have Army Wives to look forward to this summer and the fun thing is that I will be an Army wife by the time it starts!! Only 23 more days!!
Another thing I love about Thursdays is the farmer's market by my work. I had to get out of the office so I snuck up to see if it was back from after the winter and it was! I bought some lovely tomatoes, I'm a bit of a tomato snob after living in Italy and realizing that fruit and veggies were actually quite good if fresh. I also checked out the flowers and snapped some pics with my camera phone.

Ever since I had to learn about flowers when deciding which ones I wanted in my bouquet I fell in love with ranunculus. They are so cool looking! I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me that consists more than just roses and tulips (both of which are beautiful don't get me wrong). I also love lilacs. We had a lilac bush by our house growing up and loved smelling it when I came home from school. Flowers add such a wonderful pick-me-up during the monotonous days.

While I haven't actually had a garden myself there are times that I desperately want one. I know it would be much harder than I now anticipate and such a pain when you want to go out of town and you have to get some kid to come baby sit your plants. I do have a very romantic idea about gardening, I think it was too many stories like "The Secret Garden" and the like growing up.
I have a house plant an old roommate gave me as a house warming gift when I moved into my first real apartment in Sept. 2004. I still have that plant and one time it was infested by bugs and I was afraid I'd have to throw it out, but luckily another old roommate knew about plants and I was able to kill them and save the plant. I was devastated when faced with the possibility of having to throw out my beloved plant. It's still trucking along at my new apt. I just brought it over and put it on the entertainment center. Albert said that I shouldn't show preference to that plant over the new slowly dying daffodils, but you know the first always holds a special place in your heart, plus it's green and not all nasty looking like the others that got booted to the patio.


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