Only 68 days and counting

Saturday we were pretty diligent in buying reception stuff, but after shopping at Ikea, the dollar store, and Michaels, we changed our mind about what we wanted.

We saw these cute lanterns at Ikea for only $5 and we figured they'd be great to use as centerpieces. We can't use real candles in them so we bought the battery operated votive candles two for a dollar at Dollar Tree. We're thinking of putting a laurel wreath or vines around them.

We also bought the same lamp for $10 that my roommate bought for our apt. I figure we can use a lamp in our new apt and also see if we can borrow my roommates lamp and have them both at our reception.

At Michaels we found an arch for only $20 and decided to get it. We were planning on using one that they have in a storage shed at our church that needs some repairs, but we figured this would be much easier and cost less than trying to fix up the other one.

We registerd on-line for JC Penny's so we went in to get our free gift, a wedding binder organizer. I've had lots of fun putting all our information in it and now we have a place for all of our random pieces of papers. I have most of our information on google docs, but I'd like to print out some of the stuff so I can look at it all together and have it for when I go see vendors.

We made a list of our friends we would like to help us and assigned them specific tasks we would like them to do then on Sunday at church (when everyone is feeling generous :)) we asked them to help us. Everyone seemed very happy to help us out on our special day. This will make it so much easier.

For the various tasks we assigned someone we really trusted to be the leader and then we'll ask other people to help those leaders out. We figure with clean up we have enough family members to do it, but we needed someone to tell them where everything goes since none of them are from around here.

I was really excited that we were able to get a girl from church to sing at our ring ceremony. She's a singer in the Airforce band and is really good. We also have one of Albert's co-workers playing the piano during the ring ceremony who is very good. Now we just have to pick the music. I feel so incompetent when it comes to classical music selection. I want something original, but I don't really know classical music that well to pick something that not everyone else has heard of. I should have paid more attention in Elementary school music class! Maybe I'll just pick some hymns, I'm more familiar with them.

Albert and I finalized our reception set-up putting all of the tables in certain spots so we have the perfect flow of traffic. It's finally coming together!! Now we just have 90 other things to get done! Baby steps...right!? It's coming up so quick...only 68 days! We still haven't found a florist or someone to alter the dress.

We're getting our engagement pics done next week by another one of Albert's co-workers who likes to take artistic shots, but hasn't done wedding pics before. We're not paying him much since he hasn't done them before, but of course we're taking a risk. I'm excited to see how they'll turn out after seeing the other pics he's done, which are very good.

We also decided on a baker. We heard back from Cakes by Design and she gave us a quote that was almost $100 less than the other quote we got! I like her more since I'm working with the baker directly. When I explain what I want I'm telling the person who will be making the cake instead of a sellsman and she will be the one who delivers the cake so if anything goes wrong, heaven forbid, she will be able to fix it and also make it look nice when she sets it up. I guess we'll see how it all turns out when we get to the reception :S


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