Lessons on the train

Yesterday while riding the train to work a little girl about 10 or so was sitting down by where I was standing. She looked like a tourist, but I never did figure out who she was with. She was playing with her baseball cap that had something about the Coast Guard on it when a guy in the Air Force tossed her his hat. I thought maybe they knew each other, but shortly realized that he was just being nice giving her his hat. She looked at it grinning and playing with it. He came over and said something about wearing it to school and then got off at the Pentagon. She finally put it on and had this huge grin on her face. She looked up at me and shrugged and I told her that it looked good on her and that it was cool. No one else really paid any attention to this scene but I thought it was really touching and cool that he would just give his hat to this young girl.

I took this picture with my phone to remind me about how the small things really make a big difference and to be more aware of things going on around me. I think wedding planning has made me a little self absorbed so it was nice to see something sweet like that to help me be more aware of the other things going on around me that have nothing to do with weddings. I love having a camera phone because I can take pics without people knowing it and capture those small moments or crazy times for which you wouldn't normally have a camera on hand or it would be inappropriate. You can see her perma-grin under her new hat.


NWLover said…
What a touching story! Thanks for sharing this story! :)

--Amanda (Privitt)

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