In the beginning...

I decided that Albert and I should start a blog since 1) it's the cool thing to do 2) I have a lot of useless knowledge and I need an outlet to depart it and 3) Albert takes a lot of great photos and I think they should be shared.

So here we are about to depart on an incredible adventure together. We're getting married in like 74 days...the which I frequent on a regular basis reminds me of how many days I have left to check off all the 900 items they have outlined for me to do in order to throw the bash of a lifetime.

Today we have a meeting with a florist in the building where I work. I had no idea just how expensive bridal bouquets run until I started asking for quotes from various florists in the area. No one has quoted less than $150! Even this place we're going to today said their bouquets start out at $150. I'm hoping they're flexible, but if not and I am forced to pay $150 then I'd like to go to an upscale place at least. It seems like the main variance in wedding floral prices are in the boutonnieres and corsages, but the bouquets are about the same whether you go to a really nice place or a corner market. I'm thinking I'd like to have something simple. Just white roses with pale pink roses as an accent color. Since my dress is white I'm a little nervous about the roses being to cream colored, but maybe it will be ok. I'm thinking something like this...

This weekend we found a place to live right by Albert's current apartment. This is perfect because he shares a vehicle with a guy he works with who lives in the same complex. This way we can make sure he won't need a ride to our new place. The drawback is that it's not exactly metro accessible and I'll be busing it back and forth, which is a pain in the behind. It adds about a half hour each way to my commute. Luckily I don't have much to complain about as far as commute times go and I have been really lucky this far living so close to the only takes me 30 minutes door to cube.

Also the place is good because it's cheaper than other places we've found. Housing in the DC metro area is incredibly expensive so you really have to shop around to find something both nice and not going to break the bank. It's an older place, but newly remodeled. The great thing is that the move in date is in mid-April so I get my own apartment for a whole month. Living by myself and having my own insurance was always a must for me to feel grown up and now I will finally get the opportunity. I've always had roommates since I became financially independent. We'll know if I will be able to realize my dreams by the end of this week :)

We (or I) have it all planned out how we want the cake. I drew a beautiful picture of what I want it to look like. Now that I have the approval of one baker that we met with last week that my design is good I have new aspirations of becoming a famous cake baker. I noticed at Wal-Mart that they had stuff to make fancy cakes and I'm thinking maybe I'll get some stuff and try it out. I'm sure it's harder than it looks, otherwise everyone would do it, but I think I could do it after some trial and error. Maybe I could do it as a hobby as an outlet for my creative energies. I think this wedding planning has been somewhat fun because I have been able to use my creativity to come up with different mixtures of weddings I see on-line.

Here's my cake design...the bottom layer will have turquoise ribbon in the middle and silver ribbon on the outside. The 3rd layer is a cushion type design while the 2nd layer is just dots. The top layer will be a lacy design with little flowers. You can't tell that from this design since I didn't want to get too technical and make everyone think I was a complete nerd...although we all know I really am. I want to try and play it cool, like I'm not really that interested in the details of cake decorating, but really I've become one of those girls who fawn over bridal magazines and read blog posts from other soon-to-be brides on wedding websites.
My extreme interest in organization has reared it's ugly, but very efficient head in my recent wedding itinerary which included exact times of reception decorating and travel times. I figure it's better for our family to know exactly when they have free time than wondering how much time they'll have to get ready in the morning. Of course I didn't want everyone to know that I think about all these little details on a regular basis so I left out a lot of the details when I sent it to various family members, like in what order people will enter during the ring ceremony. Although this is an important detail I want it to seem like I only did it last minute because it HAD to be done...since I want to seem like I am far too busy to worry about such things. After ready some of the posts that other girls have written I don't feel too bad. They have a year or so to plan a wedding and they already have 90% of it planned.


American Fork said…
I love your wedding cake. It's ok to obsess about the details, everyone has a little bridezilla inside of them!!
Dani said…
I love your blog -- I started one about 6 weeks ago too, I feel its a good outlet, like journaling or keeping a diary, which I always think about doing, but never actually do.

Also, my grandma was a cake decorator, so I know what you mean when it sounds fun to buy the tips/bags and practice on your own. I've had a lot of fun practicing over the years -- and I've tried her patience plenty of times begging her to teach me... although her talent was definitely a skill and was not something I inherited genetically.

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