Friday's Photoshoot

Here are some of the pics we took last Friday. We have more...a lot more...but these are just the ones Albert sent me. We took them at Theodore Roosevelt Island, the bridge that goes to it anyway, and by some cherry blossoms (they just came out!) by the Potomac. The day was perfect for picture taking, but since we did it early it was hard to get in the modeling frame of mind, plus I was regretting our wardrobe choices, we decided too late at night I guess.

This is one of our favorites. We can't really use a kissing pic as "the" pic, but it's so nice with the blossoms.

Nice ring shot...

We were trying something different and I think it turned out ok. There's a little too much light on my face on this one.

I like this one of me, kind of cool in an artistic sense.

I think we're going to choose this one as "the" pic. There are a lot of great pics to choose from, but they didn't have the essential element of showing both our faces or we weren't both smiling. I do like this one though. Albert has added just a hint of color which is pretty neat.


Dani said…
Good choice -- I like the last pic best.

But -- of course, I love the ones with the cherry blossoms.

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