Getting on the same page

It seems that the wave of stress is starting to subside and I feel like things are getting to be under control again. We took our engagement pics, but we haven't finished editing them (that's Albert's job tonight while he's at work). We feel like we're getting close to getting a really great picture. The main problem during our photo shoot was that we didn't know if the other person was smiling or not so inevitably in every picture one of us is smiling and the other one is being serious. I think we'll have to request that our photographer tell us to smile or be serious so we're on the same page. We took pictures at the Jefferson Memorial where the lighting was pretty bad and it was freezing cold and then we went into the Botanical Gardens, which I would recommend. We got some pretty good shots with lots of green in the background. Here's a sample of our hair wasn't really cooperating.

Albert took some pictures of us by the river on our way to church yesterday with his tripod which turned out pretty good. Unfortunately it was FREEZING and my hair was blowing every which way so it didn't look so good. We're going to go out on Wednesday when hopefully it will be a little warmer. I can't believe it's still so cold out. I honestly believed that it would be nicer at the end of March and we could wear jackets instead of coats. I'll post the cool ones once Albert is done putting on the finishing touches.

Friday we went to my cousin's in Manassas and ate dinner with her and her husband which was a lot of fun. We sat and talked at their kitchen table on their hard wooden chairs until midnight and my butt hurt for hours afterward. I feel like I'm almost ready to join the married club, I had no idea how much of a club it really is until I got engaged and started talking to married people. It's a whole different world and I'm excited to be in on all the secrets of matrimony society.

We took roommate pictures before Albert and I went to my cousin's for dinner. It has become an annual event in our apartment to take pictures on Easter, ok we did it last year too, but only Kellee and I were the same and next year I guess the tradition will have to continue without me. My last set of roommates. I'll be glad not to have roommates for many reasons, but it is an end of an era that must be recognized.

Saturday we put ribbons on our invitations (they look pretty good if I do say so myself) and Sunday we stuffed envelopes after Easter dinner. We're about done with the invitations, we just have to pick out our favorite pic to make copies of and include it in the envelope. Apparently it's a Mormon thing to put an engagement picture with the invitation, a tradition I like and am going to perpetuate. It's fun to see who your long lost college roommate is marrying.

We finally decided on a florist, Sylvain's Florist (a little far from where we live, but worth the money). After I emailed a bunch of florists in the area I chose the one with the lowest bid, it was actually a lot lower than any other florist we went to. I also checked out lots of pics of weddings she has done and felt good that she had actually done bouquets before.

I had seen that some florists offered a free toss bouquet so in one email I asked her about that and also about flower petals for the flower girl. She said she would throw in both complimentary. Already her prices were really low, but on the Wedding Wire her page said that you could get 15% off for mentioning the ad. She had low bases prices and then she added the free bouquet and petals and took off 15%...couldn't beat that! She's also allowing us (Albert) to pick up the flowers at 8 AM the morning of our wedding so they look nice that day...we're getting our pics taken that morning so we have to have it early. I had to make sure that the corsages had more than one flower (lots of florists charge less for corsages, but they look more like boutonnieres than corsages).

I'd recommend asking any florist about the free toss and petals and see if they'll give it to you. I wanted to keep my bouquet after spending all that money on it and hated to give it away, but really didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a new bouquet. I think we're doing pretty well on our planning, keeping it cheap, but still getting everything we want, like a nice big cake, a pretty bouquet, and a double bustle :)

A lot of my family is coming out, flying from the West and I want them to be included in our rehearsal dinner, but I also don't want to impose too much on Albert's parents' generosity in paying for the dinner (everyone is paying a lot of money just to fly here and pay for the hotel, etc). So we're thinking about getting/making Filipino food and setting up tables at the church and eating it there before the rehearsal. It's slightly less classy but it would be cool to have Filipino food and I'd really like to be able to include everyone. We'll have all the decorations anyway so it shouldn't be a big deal with all the people who can help out. Hopefully it will look like this, cuz that just looks good.


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