Finally a candidate who "gets" it!

This is going off of what I wrote earlier in the week about trade and providing training for displaced workers, not trying to eliminate free trade. I read an article about John McCain that gave me reason to support him besides the fact that he's not a Democrat :) This is what I'm talking about!!

McCain calls for tax cuts, job training
By LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA - Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who has said economics isn't his strong suit, said Friday tax cuts and job training are needed to lift an economy that is either in recession or is headed toward one.

McCain was responding to a report showing widespread job losses amid the housing and credit crisis. The Labor Department said employers cut jobs by 63,000 in February, the most in five years.

"I think the fact of the matter is, many American families are hurting very badly, particularly those in states like Ohio, Michigan, parts of Illinois, those states that really relied on manufacturing jobs and saw those jobs leave," McCain told employees of Chick-fil-A Inc. at a town hall-style meeting in Atlanta.

"And we as a nation have not done enough to help those workers find new employment, new training, new education," McCain said.


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