Fighting off the stress

We've been looking for furniture lately although we still don't officially have an apartment to put it in. Right now we have a kitchen table with chairs and a couch we bought from Craig's List hanging out in Albert's living room. There was some issue with the application that Albert worked out, but they still haven't said that we got the apt. Albert still has to get an ok from his higher ups that it's alright for him to rent out an apt. Since the govt is paying for his housing they don't want him to rent out another place, but we can't exactly move in with his roommate. It looks like it's going to go through soon and he'll get approval and we'll get the apt, but for right now it's getting stressful waiting around not knowing.

I'm getting excited to move into our own apt. I finally have my own couch...I've never owned a couch before :) There is a girl that's interested in moving into my current apt with my roommates so it'd be great if she decided to move in so I wouldn't have to worry about finding someone to take my spot.

I think we found a place to get the dress I'm borrowing altered. We went into a dry cleaners to see if they did alterations and he recommended that we go next door to a bridal store. They gave us a card of the people they send their alterations too and I read some good reviews about them on the internet. They specialize in gowns so it sounds promising and reviews mentioned that they were a good deal...even better! We're going to go within the next couple days to take the dress in. If it's outrageous then we'll be forced to find another place, but otherwise I'm tired of worrying about it.

We've been to a ton of different florists in the area and I did find one that I liked. The problem is, is that the first place I went to in my building that I didn't really like, is offering to do it for almost $100 cheaper! It's hard to justify spending $100 more than necessary. My roommate told me yesterday that there is a girl at our church that used to work for a florist so I'm going to see if she has any recommendations or if I can hire her to do it. I finally figured out what I want the flowers to look like though.

I've decided on white and pale pink ranunculus, a few white peonies & orchids, and some pale pink stock. It would look sort of like the bouquet above. For the boutonnieres we would have white ranunculus and the corsages would have white and pale pink ranunculus. The florist that I liked said that mid-May is the perfect time for ranunculus and peonies and they say that they used those flowers in Victorian times. I like ranunculus because they look like roses but with a ton of little petals.

We also decided on where we want to go for our honeymoon. This was a big deal because I wanted to go somewhere tropical and Albert wanted to go somewhere cooler. Plus it had to be in the United States since Albert can't leave the country because of his job. We finally decided since we couldn't go to Europe we'd go to Las Vegas and visit the Venetian and Bellagio. We can also stop by Paris, NY NY, and Luxor. I always thought Las Vegas would be the perfect honeymoon destination since they have fabulous hotels and while there is lots to do you wouldn't feel bad if you decided to stay in bed all day. No pressure to go site seeing, but if you want to get dressed up and go to a show that's always an option.

Albert has been really great about printing off all of our invitations and RSVP cards at night while he's at work. He's been tying on the little ribbons and everything. Saturday night he called wondering what we should put for the RSVP wording. It's not something most people think about, but luckily when I was searching for invitation wording I found a few different options for RSVP cards too and we combined two different ones we liked and added our wedding website URL to the bottom so they could also RSVP there. The stores we registered at are also on our website so there's an alternative agenda in making sure they check it out :) Here's the wording we put on it...the font is different and it's on a cute card, but you get the idea:
We look forward to celebrating with you
Please reply on or before
May 1, 2008
Number of persons______
Sorry, cannot attend______

or RSVP at:
We're supposed to get our engagement pics done on Thursday. I have to admit that I'm a little worried about it. It's supposed to be windy and every middle schooler in America has descended upon DC like flies on road kill. This is a problem because we wanted to do our pics at the Jefferson and FDR Memorials and I'm afraid there are going to a hundred teenagers in the background of every picture. Hopefully the photographer is creative and the wind isn't too strong. I figure if the weather is bad we can always take pictures inside the Botanical Gardens or one of the Smithsonians.

We finally were able to pick up my engagement and wedding rings from Jared's last week. We were borrowing one from them in white gold and now I have my engagement ring in palladium. The metal is darker, but otherwise it looks exactly the same. It's also a lot stronger. I'm not really a fan of gold after having the other ring. I only had it for a couple months and had it re-plated once and it still looked bad. It gets scratched really easily. I like palladium so far. It's pretty much like platinum but it costs less than gold. I'm excited to see Albert's ring when it comes in. The ones he tried on were so big it was hard to tell what they would really look like once they were in his size.

Another good thing was that I asked someone I know from church (obviously my main place for social networking) who is good at making play lists if she could help me make a play list for the reception. She not only agreed she said she would do it. I can go through the list she gives me and I can add or delete songs as I wish, but at least I'll have a bunch of music that sort of flows together and I don't have to worry about it. It feels so good to check things off my list :)


Dani said…
Awe! I'm excited for your photos. I'm sure they will turn out awesome with the Cherry Blossoms (and some airbrushing out of the tourists). You'll have to post them when they're in so we can all see.

And... I used to live in Vegas, so if you need any suggestions for "must-dos" let me know.
Dani said…
p.s. I have a great music list I recently helped Brittney put together too, if you think it might help I can forward it to you.

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