And the winner is...

Here are some of the pictures Albert edited and are in the running for "Best Engagement Pic Ever of Tiffany & Albert." The pictures were taken by Albert's coworker in a little park area by the Jefferson Memorial and the Botanical Gardens. We're probably going to take more pics on Friday now that we're getting the hang of this taking pictures thang. I should have watched more of America's Next Top Model.

We both really like the second one, although I like the first one too cuz he's smiling more. It was pretty windy so I pulled my hair back, I was pretty worried it was going to look rediculous since I didn't have a mirror to make sure it looked ok, but I was pleasently surprised on how well it turned out. I heart hot curlers, even though it was fairly embarrassing wearing them in the bathroom during lunch time when everyone goes in there.

This one isn't really a condender as far as the engagement pic goes, but I think it's cute and you can see a hint of the Washington Monument in the background.

We both really like this one too although my coat is hanging in a slightly unflattering way.

Nice pic of the Washington Monument in the background.

This was taken in the Jungle Room, sort of like the one Elvis Presley had, but not. I really liked shooting in the Botanical Gardens because there was lots of variety and beautiful plants everywhere, plus it wasn't cold and windy, that was my favorite part :)

I really like this one taken in the Hawaii room, but I wish Albert looked a little more enthusiastic, thus the problem with the one person smiling and the other one not. It's still a great picture, one of the top three I'd say.

These pics were taken in the Garden room during the Orchid's very popular and there were lots of people roaming around. Our photographer did a good job keeping people out of the background. I like the composition of the close up, but I think I look a little more enthusiastic in the one showing the ring...perhaps a little too obvious in showing off the bling. My head looks a little large too. We could definitely use one of these for the engagement pic though.

There are more pics to come. The goal is to take more pics on Friday, print them out on Saturday, and stuff them on Saturday and Sunday, and mail the invitations on Monday. Hopefully we will be successful.


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