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I started my health and fitness journey in June 2014.  I am a chocoholic and we were in the habit of eating ice cream after putting the boys to bed EVERY. NIGHT.  I liked going to a free zumba class that was offered at my church, but it was cancelled a lot and didn't start until 9:30 AM, which took up my whole morning.  I wanted to find something a little more consistent and I felt guilty for eating so horribly.  I knew I could do better, but I really had no idea where to start.
I found a Groupon for fitness classes at a local studio and they offered PiYo.  I had never done it before, but it sounded right up my ally since I like yoga.  I started going to that class and I LOVED it! I also really liked my teacher, she was so positive and just the type of person I wanted to be. When she said she was moving I was bummed, but she offered to stay in touch on Facebook.  I was really interested when she posted that the PiYo at-home workout program was coming out and I decided that would be my birthday present that year since it was a little pricey.
When I was placed in a Facebook challenge group I took it really seriously.  I followed the nutrition plan that came with the program to a tee and I never missed a workout.  I didn't think I would like working out from home, but once I got into the habit, I couldn't imagine going to a class!  It's so convenient and I can do the exact workout I want to do exactly when I want to do it!
I ended up losing 7lbs and 8 inches!  More than that though, it really changed my life and my perspective.  I decided to become a Beachbody coach after I finished my challenge because I wanted others to have the same experience I had.  I want everyone to be able to look in the mirror and feel good about themselves.  Not just the way they fit into their clothes, but proud that they could do something difficult.
June 278 Results from my 60 day PiYo challenge July - August 2014

For me, the challenge was much more mental than it was physical.  I didn't believe that I could go a day without sweets, I was chained to my bad eating habits.  I have proved myself wrong.  I can do hard things! I have control over what I put into my mouth!  Now that I have learned how to eat healthy, I want to show others how easy it is and even if you're a super busy mom of little kids, you can find time to get in a workout.  Once we change our minds the rest is easy!  I would love to help you!  Please contact me with any questions you have :)

I also blog on my team blog here with all the latest Beachbody news, health & fitness tips, healthy recipes, and transformation stories.


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