Fun Photo Friday: Week 63

sporting his new garage sale hat

Since we bought a car last Friday evening, Quentin and I were able get out more.  Tuesday and Thursday we went to story time at two different libraries.  There are three libraries within three miles of us so that's fun.  The one on Thursday had more kids and was a little more exciting.  Quentin was really getting into it, dancing during the songs.  He has been standing up on his own a lot more this week so we're hoping that'll lead to walking on his own.  He took a step on his own but hasn't repeated it.

The LDS church in NW Albuquerque has free zumba classes Mon, Wed, and Fri so we went on Wednesday and Friday.  Quentin did really well playing with the toys and the other kids while I worked out.  There is a park around the corner from our apartment complex that has a big grassy field and a playground.  He had a lot of fun sitting on the grass and watching the planes.  He's also started to hand things to me and when I say "thank you" he repeats "dee dee."


kimi + joe said…
I love his new and very sportsman-ish hat. What a handsome fellow.

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