Zutano Giveaway Loot

Two days after I delivered Quentin and I was still in the hospital I received an email from Spearmint Baby letting me know that I had won a $100 gift certificate for Zutano online baby boutique.  I was so excited to get cute clothes for my new baby!  Unfortunately I was too busy to buy clothes then, they have the cutest newborn clothes, so I waited a bit.

I wanted to buy their cute booties because they are really hard to find and they are a bit pricey.  I have a pair of well-loved booties like these I received in a box of free clothes from someone from my old ward (church congregation) that are getting too small.  I noticed Zutano had free shipping for the month of September so I made sure I used my gift certificate then.  I bought three pairs of booties, a hat, and mittens for the upcoming winter.  They are nicely made and very cute.  I can't wait for Quentin grow into them!  


Thanks Zutano and Spearmint Baby for the awesome gift!


kimi + joe said…
That's so cool and I really love his new striped hat! I believe you won a maternity shirt on a blog giveaway too one time -- you are a one lucky lady!!

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