Christmas Day

On Christmas afternoon after we ate and before we played a lively round of Pictionary we gathered around to open presents and Albert took lots of pictures, unfortunately we don't have any pictures of him since he was the photographer.

Here I am with Albert's sister's mother-in-law (back), Albert's mom, Albert's brother's girlfriend, and our nephew. Got that?

Here's my brother-in-law (Alvin) and his girlfriend (Jesicca).

Here's my sister-in-law (Melina), her husband (Jerard), and their son (Jadon).

Jadon reading the book we bought him. He looks so enthralled doesn't he.

Here's the happy family again.

My turn :D

Jesicca was very touched by the Barbie Jeep Alvin gave her. She always wanted one growing up and now she finally has one.

Here's Jesicca with the candle we gave her.

Here's Jerard's brother and Melina with the apron we gave her. Jerard was very excited that we were encouraging her to cook.

Here's Albert's dad with the new fridge Alvin bought them since their's went out right before Christmas.


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