Why I vote

I'm checking out of work early today so I can hang out with Albert who is leaving early tomorrow morning and also to visit the polls. This year it is a bit more pressing to make sure I vote since the race in Virginia is so close (it's been crazy living in a battleground state and I'll be glad to be done with the non-stop political ads all over the tv and radio), but I try to make voting a priority regardless of whether I live in Virginia or Wyoming.

I feel very strongly about taking advantage of my right to vote because I know that not everyone has been able to do so throughout history. I'm thankful to live in a democracy that includes all races and sexes in their elections. I do it because it's my civic duty and because I feel like if I didn't I would be insulting the women who worked so hard to make sure I could. So on this election day I salute the suffragists and honor them at the polls. Here's to you!


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