Tasty food

On Saturday we went to Trader Joe's to get some gluten-free stuff and they had stew samples they were giving out. We talked to the lady to see what was in it to make sure it was ok for me and found that there was just the meat and green beans with balsamic vinegar. The meat had some seasoning on it, but nothing with gluten. Albert made it that night and added carrots and onions. It was really good.

On Sunday we went to a friends "Dinner in a Pumpkin" party. I always look forward to these parties because dinner in a pumpkin is so tasty. This year I found that I couldn't eat the traditional recipe because it has cream of chicken soup, which generally has wheat in it. So with my mom's help I modified the recipe and had it in an acorn squash. It turned out pretty good, but we did have a small explosion while making it.

I forgot to put water in the pan I was roasting the squash in so it wouldn't burn on the bottom and realized this after I had been roasting them for about 40 minutes at 450 degrees. Albert being the good helper he is put water in the hot glass pan and it exploded everywhere. I am now super paranoid that all my plates/bowls/pans regardless if they are even glass, are going to explode. I'm a little gun shy I guess. Albert cleaned up all the glass and I managed to salvage my acorn squash. The pan with the filling was sitting right next to it, but I didn't see any glass and ate like I was eating fish with bones trying to see if there was any glass.

Tuesday Albert and I went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch (after I cast my ballot). Hana Tokyo is the Japanese Steakhouse where we had our rehearsal dinner and our first date. The advantage of having them make the food right in front of us is that you can make special requests pretty easily. I brought my bottle of gf soy sauce and the chef used that for our food (there was only one other couple so it was really nice). We were pleased to find that the yum-yum sauce is gf. It's that pink sauce they use in the fried rice and you use to dip your meat and it's made of mayo and paprika. It's so good we bought some to take home. I couldn't eat the soup or the salad dressing which was a shame, but I could totally live with only being able to eat yum-yum sauce :D

Last night I made brigadeiros for my church activity tonight. We were supposed to make a fall treat, but I couldn't think of anything except for these Brazilian truffles that are quite tasty. I modified the recipe a little bit by adding chopped walnuts into the mixture and then I changed the toppings I rolled them in to mix it up a little bit. I rolled them in chopped walnuts, coconut, nesquick, powdered sugar, and cocoa. They aren't necessarily a fall treat, but fall is a good time to eat them, along with winter, spring, and summer of course! And the best thing is that they are naturally gluten-free!


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