My Life

20 years ago....
* i was starting 3rd grade
* i had just been baptized and confirmed a member of the lds church
* i had a sweet b-day party with a pinata

10 years ago....
* i was enjoying the beginning of my freshman year of college
* i was working at mcdonald's
* i went to hawaii

5 years ago....
* i had just returned from a mission in italy
* i was starting my senior year of college
* i was still eating pasta at least once a day
* i went to nyc for school

3 years ago....
* i had just started graduate school
* i was working in the democracy & governance office at usaid
* i was roomming with my cousin ann
* i went back to italy with my old companions

This year....
* i got engaged
* i planned a wedding
* i married the love of my life
* we moved into our own apt
* we bought a car
* i changed my last name
* i went to florida for the first time

* i went to work
* i will make tiramisu' with a couple friends
* i saw my husband for 10 minutes after not being together for 26 hrs and i won't see him again until tomorrow morning

* i will go to work...again
* i will go to a doctor's appointment to see if i have celiac
* albert and i will go out to eat with the president of my alma mater, weber state university

In the next year....
* we will move where ever uncle sam sends us
* we will go on a road trip south
* we will travel out of the country


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