Kayaking on Columbus Day

Albert had to work on Columbus Day so I went with my old roommates and a few others kayaking on the Potomac over by Georgetown. It was a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun. Before we went we had a little picnik. I brought my own food since I couldn't partake of the sandwiches, but it was fun sitting out in the fall weather. I took some pics of us at the picnik, but didn't want to accidentally get my camera wet during the actual kayaking so I left it in the car for that. Afterwards we went to Dairy Godmother and had some yummy custard. Here are those of us who had the picnik, the other 3 joined us river side.

My old roommate Kellee

Kaleb my kayaking partner -- he graciously volunteered to go with the old married lady

My other old roommate Laura

A nice shot of the beautiful fall leaves


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