Gluten-free recipes

Albert and I have made a few different gluten-free recipes that turned out pretty well. Here is my version of Stuffed Acorn Squash I found on Katrina's Kitchen blog. It was good and healthy. I took the extra stuffing and put it with rice for a whole other meal.

Here is the gluten-free version of German pancakes. Albert is convinced that he could make it as good looking as the regular recipe, but I thought this looked pretty tasty. The rice flour makes it a little more sweet, which I thought was perhaps even better than the original. The only flour is rice flour so you don't have to worry about buying 5 different types. I'm so glad I can still have my German pancakes and crepes!

Last night we made Eggs Diablo on Soft Polenta and it was tasty. It definitely had some flavor with the salsa. My version doesn't look as good as Katrina's, but trust me, it was good. It doesn't have any ingredients specifically gluten-free so don't be afraid to try it even if you don't have celiac.


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