Road To Freedom Rally

Last week I found out that John McCain and Sarah Palin were going to be in town for a rally so Albert and I decided to check it out...once in a life time opportunity to see them live and in person in this historic election year. We took tons of pictures if you'd like to see all of them click here.

They told us to park at a shopping center and take a shuttle to the park where the rally was held. I decided to wear red to stand out, but apparently they told everyone to wear read so I fit in.

After waiting a couple hours we finally got on the bus.

When we got to the rally we found another line awaiting us that went on for block and blocks. It was the longest line I had ever seen. I thought for sure we were going to be standing in that line during the whole rally. I was not very hopeful that we would get in.

There were lots of people with signs, but this little guy was by far the cutest...definitely a YOUNG conservative.

We finally got in and the place was packed...they had expected 2000 people and there ended up being 25,000 in attendance.

We walked around for awhile trying to find a place where we could see. Luckily for us we found a big spot light in the field with people sitting on it. We were able to stand on a bar coming from the side and see over the crowds. I felt bad for those who came and didn't even get to see the speakers. A few people asked us to take pictures for them.

First up was Fred Thompson who ran in the primaries.

Then VP nominee Sarah Palin and Pres. nominee John McCain and their spouses came out.

Sarah spoke first. Everyone was chanting "Sarah! Sarah!" It was very exciting! Her speech was very similar to the speech she gave at the convention.

The media was definitely there.

Then came the man himself...the crowd chanted "John McCain!" and "USA!" His speech was also like his convention speech.

Some supporters clinging to their guns & bibles...

We decided to line up along the stree to wave to them as they went by in the Straight Talk Express. Surprisingly they stopped the bus right across the street from us so we hurried and ran across the street before the Secret Service shoved us off of the street to be lined up for the candidates.

We were able to shake John and Cindy McCain's hands...

You can see Todd Palin being protected by the buff Secret Service lady.

When Todd came by, Albert slapped him on the shoulder and said "The First Dude!" to which this was his response...a huge grin!

When Sarah came by Albert had her sign his shirt...she told him not to tell anyone she did that, but of course we've told everyone since she only signed his shirt and one other person's paper. Unfortunately it got wet and we found out that it was not a permanent marker like we thought. It's sort of rainbow colored now which is pretty...kinda Alaska-ish. We also bought buttons that read "Read my lipstick...change is coming." I liked it cuz she had her gun and the pink camo around it.

Here's Sarah and the Secret Service...

Here's McCain giving his thumbs up after they got back on the bus...

There were a few protesters and one of them jumped in front of the bus as they were boarding. It was amazing to see the secret service tackle her and drag her off to the side. You can see her getting interviewed on the far right hand side of this picture...

It was an amazing day! The rally was supposed to be in a high school gym so I didn't bring any sunscreen so I have a sunburn (or a funburn as one guy put it). It was incredible that we were able to shake their hands...we thought we'd be lucky to wave to them as they drove by. Very cool.


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