Upgrade U

One of my favorite songs is "Upgrade U" by Beyonce and Jay-Z...we even played it at our reception during the money dance. I have found that since I started dating Albert I have been upgraded. Some of it is a result of getting married and some of it is a direct benefit of being with my better half.

  • jewelery that is not made of plastic or wood
  • flat screen tv with surround sound
  • personal chef
  • bed bigger than a twin
  • roommate that is cleaner than me
  • nice pots and pans
  • exercise partner
  • free insurance through Albert's work
  • car under my name
  • chauffeur to and from work on Albert's days off
  • new last name that's easier to spell
  • nice cell phone (I always got the free crappy ones before)
  • living room and dining room furniture
  • kitchen aide
  • someone to kiss whenever I want, which is frequently
  • unconditional love from someone other than family


Amanda said…
Married life is great! :) There are definitely a lot of upgrades that come with being married. I also liked the cell phone; new car; and personal chef. I ate WAY too many salads when it was just me. And the free insurance isn't bad, either!

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