Navy Memorial & National Archives

After our tasty breakfast and wandering around the market, we headed over to the Navy Memorial and the National Archives. I told Albert that he absolutely had to see the Constitution and Declaration of Independance while we were in DC so we made sure he did just that.

The security people told us several times that we could not have the flash on while taking pictures inside the archives and if we did that would be the last picture we took. Before we even got to look at the historical documents, Albert took a pictures of one of the paintings and his flash went off. He had turned off his camera and when he turned it back on it reset the settings :( It wasn't long before the security gaurd asked him to put his camera away. Luckily I brought my camera and was able to document the event.

Navy Memorial

outside of the National Archives

The Declaration of Independance with John Hancock's famous signature

The Constitution

The Emancipation Proclamation and Abe's signature


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