GRHS -- 10 yrs later...

I went to my 10 yr class reunion this weekend. I actually had a lot of fun. I had no idea what to expect, seeing as how I didn't talk to most of these people when we at least shared the commonality of going to same high school so I wasn't sure how it would be now that we had 10 years between us and those not-so-glorious days.

I flew in to Salt Lake Thursday night and my parents and grandma picked me up and took me to Green River. On Friday morning my dad gave me a little ride around town on his motorcycle, which was a lot of fun. It was a trip down memory lane going by old boyfriends' houses and really taking the time to see how beautiful Green River really is. It was so nice to be in WY during the summer instead of Christmas time, which is usually the only time I make it home. The weather, although windy -- which is normal, was beautiful. My parents' new house is nice with lots of trees and flowers. I included some of those pics in my album you can check out by clicking on the photo of my two best friends from high school and myself of course (Jacquelyn and Lisa, both of whom live in Brooklyn, NY now). I also have other pics from the reunion and my time in WY.

On Friday night I met up with Jacquelyn at the bar at the bowling ally and ran into Lisa. I wasn't sure if she was going to be coming since I hadn't heard from her since before my wedding despite my many emails. It was great to see her and all the other people who showed up. Some people I didn't recognize at all and had to ask my friends who they were. There was one girl who I never did find out who she was. She looked really familiar, but no one seemed to know who she was. It was nice to reminisce about how crappy middle school was, how high school was only slightly better, and how we were so glad that those weren't the best days of our lives. It's nice to know that other people felt the same way. I've kept in touch with some classmates virtually so it was great to actually see them. In high school it seemed like we were all so different, but now I'm older I can see that we are really more alike than I could have imagined.
Saturday morning I went to Rock Springs with my grandma and my parents and then played Rock Star with my siblings that afternoon. It was relaxing and fun to catch up, although I wished Albert could have come with me. Most people at the reunion didn't bring their spouses so he would have bored.
Saturday evening I met up with Lisa and Jacquelyn at the new steakhouse in Green River for our reunion dinner. While the food wasn't that great, we had a good time chatting with everyone. They had a video full of all the same people, but it was fun to see people in a more familiar light. The girls from our class all looked pretty good and I was surprised that the guys had let themselves go so much. Some guys seemed like they had been partying entirely way too much and looked pretty rough with big beer bellies. I was glad that I didn't end up with any of them. My husband is WAY hotter than any of them!
After our dinner Jacquelyn and I went with two other classmates we had been friends with, Amanda and Rachel, to the diner for some dessert. We talked for a long time about random memories and being in relationships...Amanda and Rachel are both married and Jacquelyn is in a serious relationship. Hopefully we don't wait another 10 years to see each other again!
Sunday morning my parents, grandma, and I went back down to Salt Lake to drop me off at the airport. We had soup and salad at the Olive Garden and shopped a little bit. A couple days before I left I realized that my return ticket was for July 29 instead of June 29 so I had to pay another $100 to get it changed. I also ended up getting the last seat available in the middle back so when I got to the airport I asked them if I could change my seat assignment and they were able to move me to the middle of the plane in a window seat for which I was most grateful.
It was great to see Albert again at the airport. It really makes you appreciate the time you have together when you are apart a lot. He had done all the laundry and cleaned the apartment, what a sweetie! He's the best husband ever!


Dani said…
I thought I saw you on the motorcycle -- but I forgot to ask this weekend. I thought, na, that couldn't have been her.

but, he he... it was. So cute.
Amanda said…
I had a great time at the diner! It was great catching up with you! I'm glad you enjoyed your reunion with Albert! :)

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