Becoming a family

So we've been married for almost 2 months (Thursday will be the big day) and we've slowly been trying to merge our two micro corporations into a more efficient conglomerate. I finally got my social security card in the mail. For whatever reason our first attempt to get one failed and we had to order a replacement a couple weeks ago. This morning Albert was kind enough to wake up early and take me to the DMV to get my driver's license. I wanted to get it asap so I could work on changing everything over during the week. It's a pain because while waiting for the social security card to come we bought a car and I opened a new bank account so that adds two more things I have to change. At least now it will be official so I don't have this identity crisis I've been having where I go by both names on a regular basis.

The last two weeks we've taken counsel from church leaders to hold a Family Home Evening on Monday night (or Sunday since Albert works tonight). We've been asked to set aside one night a week to have a little informal lesson on a Gospel topic (or pretty much whatever you feel would be helpful to your family since most things relate to the Gospel in some way) and some sort of activity with our families. Since it's been awhile since I've been geographically close to my family I've been going to FHE with singles from my congregation, which can be fun. I have been amazed at how much closer we've become as a couple and how much better I feel just having a little lesson together. It has really bolstered my testimony of family night and I highly recommend it for other couples even if it seems strange having it with only two people. I think it will be especially useful when we have kids and will give us a forum for discussing those topics all families need to talk about (drug use, sexual activity, making good friends), but rarely find the time.

Last week I gave the lesson on Family Home Evening, why it's important, how to prepare lessons, etc. since Albert hadn't ever given a lesson before. I figure it's also a good way for Albert to learn all the popular hymns we sing that he might not be familiar with. The church has this interactive music player that plays the hymns which has been good since singing a capella can be dangerous. Albert was in charge of the activity so we made flan out of a mix together...sometime soon we're going to make it from scratch.

Yesterday Albert was in charge of the lesson and he did a really good job. He taught about the importance of having a budget and then we put together a budget for our activity. It was kind of intense, but we now have some sense of how much money we have and we have some idea of how much we need to save for the things we need in the future...moving, a house, children, retirement, etc. I guess I'd better start thinking of a lesson topic for next week :D


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