Brand new-to-me car!

We finally broke down and bought a car yesterday. Mostly because I was complaining about having to ask for rides all the time. Now that we live in a neighborhood that's not metro accessible it's really tough to get around when Albert's at work, which he is a lot now that he's working nights. I don't know anyone in the neighborhood and I hate to ask married people with babies to pick me up. They have a hard enough time getting themselves to church and various activities. I feel like I can contribute to society now. So if you need a ride to church let me know!

Our car is pretty cool. It's a 4 door 2007 Toyota Yaris, metallic blue, automatic transmission. It's the first car that either of us bought from a dealership. It gets great gas mileage...that's why we bought it! It's actually not too far off from a hybrid and costs $10k cheaper. We figured you'd have to drive a lot to make up for the price difference and maintenance costs are much higher for a hybrid.

Albert decided to skip sleeping yesterday and went to the dealership to check it out. He found that the Yarises go really quick so he wanted to get it before it was gone. He was really nice to spend his day filling out paper work. I have a wonderful husband!

The most interesting feature to me is the instrument panel in the center of the dash board. I can't decide if I like it or not. On the reviews lots of people commented that this feature was one of their favorites, but I'm used to having it above the steering wheel. Can anyone tell me why this would be an asset?


Micah-G said…
so that everyone in the backseat can see that you're going 90.
Carrie said…
I´ve thought about buying a Yaris before, since I think my old car has completely died. Be sure to update in a little bit how much you like it!

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