My new life

So far married life has been great. I really love having Albert around all the time...thus I'm going to miss in horribly now that he's starting to work nights. I'll only see him for an hour tomorrow morning and a 1/2 hour of that time will be spent getting ready for work :( At least before when he was working nights I had roommates and school to keep me busy, but now I'm sort of stuck at home. I guess it will give me the opportunity to spend some quality time at the library and figuring out all our new kitchen gadgets.

On Saturday we spent all day inside editing wedding pictures and watching movies except for an hour or so we spent at Target using all of our gift cards on kitchen stuff like a can opener, ice cream scoop, and pizza cutter. We bought everything we might need and since we were registered there we got 10% off! I even picked up a really cute apron there.

We had a house warming party last night and invited some of our friends to see our new place. This was a good idea because it forced us to clean the house really well and we got rid of some of our left over cake and cheese from the reception. We still have a ton of cake and even I'm getting sick of eating it so I think we're just going to have to throw it out. At $4/slice it's tough to do.

I've been writing thank you cards for awhile now and I still have a ton left. It's a lot of work and I can see why people don't get around to it immediately. Albert's going to write a few to the people I have never met or don't really know, but I've got all the rest. It's hard to come up with new stuff. I would like them to be somewhat personalized, but when you don't know the people that well it's not that easy. Now everyone is moving and I have no idea where to send some of the envelopes.

I found that going to church as a married lady is a lot different than going as single woman. I'm used to going with my posse and being known as so-n-so's roommate, but now I don't really know anyone (I do know some people, but none that well) and I don't have that comfort of automatic girl friends just by living with them. It was way nicer having Albert go with me this week...proof that I didn't make him up. That being said everyone was really nice. They even remembered Albert's name from me mentioning it last week. I guess it's just tough not being in a congregation that I've been in for 4 yrs. I'm looking forward to going to the cake decorating class they're having next week. Maybe I'll meet some more people that way.


E-ca said…
Congrats on your wedding Tiffany! I love all your updates and pics!
Amanda said…
Ugh! The thank-you very important but definitely a task that takes forever! :) I'm glad you're enjoying married life...and settling into military spouse life. Gotta love nights...not really.

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